Coin Shills LOL




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    1. "Volkswagen, Bosch, Lamborghini"

    2. "Dump IOTA Buy VeChain"

    3. "Your toast would buy IOTA "

    4. "Volkswagen, Bosh, Lamborghini"

    5. "Your toaster will buy with IOTA"

    6. "Shit Coin"

    7. "Tangle is where it’s at"

    8. "great team, coin. HODL"

    9. "Official Lambocoin"


    11. "Your future sex robot will accept iota as payment"

    12. "MIOTA= 1 milllion IOTA"

    13. "no shill needed. see through the curtain or stay behind"

    14. "70mph through a toll booth fuck yea"

    15. "q p w"

    16. "Buy NANO instead"